Taleef Collective & Book of Assistance – Part II

Hope and Fear continued…

We need to be able to tell between what is real and what is illusion.  Illusion is a belief in something that isn’t real or not happening.

The view of yourself-

A person who really hopes for something will seek it out.  This reminded me of the book by Paulo Coelho – the Alchemist – in which he wrote – “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”  page 23. Not to get all philosophical on you.. but it makes sense.

There are three types of people according to the book –

1. Those committed to Allah

2. An individual who doesn’t feel safe from falling into wrong action and obligation.

3. An individual overcome by confusion  and heedlessness.

Fear and hope should be like two wings of a bird.

We all a battling a layer of darkness – it comes in many forms-

Self fulfillment – meaning we choose things are harmful to ourselves


Major Sin

Minor Sin

Hope is the yearning and love for Allah (swt)

What is it you find your sweetness in? I thought it was an excellent question.  Everyone is seeking their betterment inshaAllah.

So figuring out where you find happiness is key… inshaAllah its halal. 🙂

Allah’s mercy is the best but don’t be a slacker.  Allah rewards those who work for the mercy – they seek.

Put the sandal of fear in front – always erring on the side of the fear of Allah.

If you can do nothing else – let none of you die without thinking well of Allah.

When do you remember fear? and when do you remember hope?  It’s vital that you are seeing and reacting to hope and fear in the correct places in your life.

Always remember fear when you are about to disobey Allah.

Another thing that is important is to understand that not every truth needs to be uttered or shared.

Keep secrets – of others and yourself that don’t need to be shared.  Also there are certain situations in which specific truths do not need to be spoken.  Evaluate and speak truth with caution.

Allah loves his servant that attains and does something in excellence.  It’s important to always give thanks to Allah for our successes and our failures.  Each holds lessons for us.

Narcissism vs Self Confidence – Allah doesn’t like a narcissist.  However a healthy self-confidence is nothing to be ashamed of.  The key is to not think of yourself so much.  The focus should be a balance of self-improvement and helping others.  Use the opportunities to help others as a means of self-improvement and purification of your character.

Be clear to differentiate between the sphere of influence and the sphere of concern.  If we focus on these spheres – we will see that one will help us change society and the other change ourselves.


3 thoughts on “Taleef Collective & Book of Assistance – Part II

  1. I don’t agree that self-fulfillment is necessarily choosing things harmful to ourselves. I find fulfillment in a variety of ways, from education to social action to simply trying something new (like skydiving, not heroin). Perhaps self-indulgence might fit better.

    Interesting to read, regardless. Thank you.

  2. Salaam alaikum Saladin- Sorry for the read between the lines on the note – he meant when we choose things that we know are haraam because they make us feel good or we simply like them. Not all self fulfillment is bad – 🙂

  3. Ohhh…in that context, I agree. Temptation’s a crummy thing because it promises a reward–and delivers it!–but it’s usually so short-lived. I can see why it’s said that prayer is a good shield against temptation. It’s like looking at a candy bar right after I brushed mah fangs. Sure, it sounds tasty but I just did this thing I’m supposed to do and I’m going to throw it away??

    I ❤ discussion.

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