You Suck… well just 98% of you do.

Yes. The men on eHarmony so far suck and so does eHarmony its the least interactive and most boring marriage website out there.  Remind me again why I pay the money I do each month for your service? Oh.. yeah because I am hoping – hope against hope – that the other half of my deen is on there in the black hole of cyberspace.  I said 98% because I leave 1% for male relatives- who don’t suck and 1% for the other half of my deen – who by definition – is impossible to be a loser.  Well.. maybe my good guy friends too..

At this rate I will be driven into one of two options: 1. Propose a marriage of convenience to a good male Muslim guy friend – so I can keep it halal and have some kids and let him have affairs on the side or 2. Giving up on the idea of “capture and convert” just downgrade to “capture” and marry a guy that maybe is “spiritual” and willing to go with my plan to raise our kids as Muslims and just deal with being ostracized by the Ummah for doing what 90% of the men are doing – which it marrying someone with no regard for the Deen and who they like, is compatible, good-looking and just hoping for the best when it comes to their kids religion and after life – if I even have kids.  InshaAllah – to the kids – not option 2.

Or I could go with the marry a guy – so he can get a green card – and I get some kids and then we divorce once he has the green card.  I don’t know – too cold and calculating?  Or I can move to a foreign country and hope for the best on the marriage market there.  Or I can just adopt or get IVF or something and be a single mom and skip the whole marriage thing together because its to much of a disappointment and a hassle.  That is starting to seem like a good option.

Let me be real – I can do it on my own – but I don’t want too.  I want to share the Dunya and the Akhira with someone special.

Its like a good hijabi convert- just doesn’t stand a chance if she isn’t a supermodel with a rocket science degree and June Cleaver wrapped up in one.  Are men’s perception of beauty so skewed by the media they feed themselves that they can’t appreciate a real woman?  I read an article about men and pornography – how it has basically killed peoples sex lives and crushed many women’s self esteem – especially when it comes to the bedroom because they believe that they need to look and behave like the women in the pornography industry.  Which is sad.  Just makes a girl want to go date her self like this poet from Def Jam – is talking about in his poem – Check him out:Poetri – Dating Myself Maybe that’s what we all need to do.


4 thoughts on “You Suck… well just 98% of you do.

  1. Maybe you need to read ALL of your e-mails in various places.

    Regardless, however, you’re a quite beautiful woman…and that’s the least of what makes you cool.

  2. Hi – Noor, I’ll guess? 🙂
    I don’t know you, or know what your social life is like. But I do know that these cannot be all your options. Frankly of those you offer option 2 seems to be the best available but again, nothing says there isn’t an option 4, 5 or 6! You’ll meet someone at a cafe, at a friend’s dinner party, god know where – but you will!

    Whatever it is – just, don’t settle! There are good guys out there. 🙂

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