Taleef Collective – I am in Love! (for the sake of Allah)

So recently in the last two – three months I have started attending the Taleef Collective’s Sunday Night Talk (SNT) which is led by Usama Canon and has currently been focused on “The Book of Assistance.”

So I thought I would include in my blog – my notes and thoughts about the lectures – the book – which admittedly I just got like a week ago – ( which is bad – but I came in on the lecture from the book half way through too)

The greatest dhikr is the Qur’an.  If you find the Qur’an isn’t effecting you in the same way it use to or doesn’t affect you emotionally as well as mentally – this is cause for concern – then its best to ask – whats going on in my life? or what has changed that I no longer feel the way I used to when I read the Qur’an?

Pg. 107 – Discussing Hope and Fear-

Fear and hope are like two sandals – we are supposed to balance between the two equally.

We should ask what is the root of hope? And what should it be?  Is our hope for temporal things? A new car? A house? A raise? or a hope for things that are not touched by the Dunya?

If we put our hope in temporal things it is a false hope.   If our hope is based in ourselves – this too is also a false hope.

Hope should stem from Allah’s mercy – specifically the immensity of Allah’s mercy.  Allah’s mercy is encompassed in two characteristics – Rahman and Rahim – but what is the meaning and difference between the two?

Rahman – is absolute mercy for everyone and everything. *Note – no one should be named Rahman because this characteristic belongs solely to Allah (swt). Rahman meaning (Giver of major blessings).

Rahim-Mercy for the believing people.  Rahim meaning (giver of minor blessings).

If we were to focus on just one blessing given to us by Allah (swt) – at this point Usama Canon asked for suggestions from the crowd and chose our breath.

How many are conscious of our breath? He pointed out that Musa (Moses) asked Allah (swt) what was the most subtle blessing? And Allah (swt) replied your breath.

Indeed Shayton is so subtle that he would make it seem as though any of your bad deeds were greater than Allah (swt) mercy.  Which is impossible.  Usama Canon cautioned – Don’t use this an excuse to continue in your bad deeds or excuse others in their bad deeds.

One who is a believer should run towards good deeds.  Indeed the most beloved deed is that one which is consistent. This why our fard prayers are so important.

If you delight in Allah- your love and light will go on forever.

And as his last humourous comment for the evening – Usama Canon said – You ain’t got to lie to kick it. 😀


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