Our new arrival.

Say hello to… ___________________ well.. she doesn’t have a name yet.

She weights 4.1 lbs and is the tiniest Poodle I have seen that isn’t  a puppy. She also has the worst hair cut EVER – even worse than Kirby’s, when we got him after being shaved down at the pound.  We have yet to see if she interacts well with her other two siblings/ cousins Kirby and Bella.

She was rescued from a home in Clayton, CA that kept her in the backyard- meaning basically bait for the hawks and turkey vultures.  The owners had two children and a new baby – with no time for a dog.  Poor Baby.

Welcome to the sweet life. I have to tell you our dogs – get cooked for – custom diets, go to the groomer and basically live like Rockstars – minus the trashing of the hotel rooms, anonymous sex, law suits, drug,  alcohol abuse and OD’s.

So now I need name suggestions for what is going to be my new dog – my first dog since Oliver Twist and Dylan Thomas.  Poor Ollie was put down last month because he had cancer.  Ollie and Dylan stayed with my mom’s former partner when they broke up over 12 years ago.

So any name suggestions for the new arrival?


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