No one subscribes to my blog.. huh…

I just was wondering how I can get a bigger readership and subscriptions to the blog… Any ideas?

3 thoughts on “No one subscribes to my blog.. huh…

  1. Okay. Back from Isha. So, there’s something I do…I look through posts tagged with things, like Islam or Muslim. I will go through every post with those, daily. Sometimes I’ll look through others, Quran or Muslims (there’s a difference) or Islamophobia. I read those posts and either offer praise, if the post legitimately deserves it, polite counterpoint, if I disagree, or some other remark. A lot of my traffic comes because from that (not that I get a LOT of traffic, but the blog is young).

    The key thing for me is visitors bring their own comments and that’s how I foster discussion.

    However, I don’t allow comments with hateful or abusive language. I’m thrilled that the Aryan Nation believes I’m a race traitor who will wail pitifully on the Day of the Rope…still not letting their comment through.

  2. I hadnt really considered searching other blogs.. DUH! I should have.. 🙂 Thank you for the advice and I won’t allow hateful comments either on my blog. That will get a quick slap down.

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