I hate stupid arguments.

I really hate when people start debating with me and its obvious they don’t have the knowledge to back it up. Like my friend – who after I posted my Wonton Soup Photo Album on FB – got in an argument with me about meat.  Asking why didn’t you buy halal meat?  I did – its just not Zabihah chicken.  So then I explain – I asked two different Imam’s and they said it was fine as long as it wasn’t a pork product.  Geez.  I have a different living situation than those – who live on their own and can purchase what they want when they want.  I live at home – with my mom and her partner – and my mom does the grocery shopping – 99% of the time.

This just makes me want to scream – but Alhumdualillah I have more self control than that – Seriously – I hate these stupid nitpicking arguments.  Its just like the Moon Sighting one and when is Eid one… seriously?! seriously?! Don’t we have bigger things to focus on that those small differences?  Seriously – There are other things we should be worrying about that if its Zabihah -like “practicing” Muslims drinking, committing Zina, Abuse within the Ummah, Homelessness in the Ummah etc.. than this.

Get back to me when you have a real issue to discuss.


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