Married Twice isn’t that nice?

So the decision for Prop 8 came down about 40 minutes ago and counting.  I am pleased because it up holds the Constitution of the United States guaranteeing equal protection of rights for everyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity etc.

Many of my Muslim friends never understood why I was opposed to Prop 8.  Besides obviously my family – I couldn’t support it because of the following reasons:

1. Where does it stop if we take one groups rights away?  As we have seen across the span of history – once we persecute one group of people – everyone is fair game.  We in the United States of America are still doing so – just in more subtle manners – especially with regards to Muslims currently – historically speaking it was Indigenous who continue to suffer the most – then the decedents of the African’s sold into slavery shipped across the sea- forced to work, raped – families split apart and sold- whipped and beaten – forced to remain uneducated through the establishment of unjust and bigotry based laws, the Japanese Americans – put into internment camps during WWII based on the fear of an enemy within our borders.

Already Muslims and individuals deemed at threats to national security can be renditioned and tortured in foreign countries – as well as being ok’d for out right assassination – while these things are typically Black Ops – meaning the majority of people have no idea this is happening- the Muslim community should be hyperaware – they are on the chopping block.  Not to mention the No Fly List.  Where does it stop?  Our found fathers would not have supported whats being done in the name of national security – while sacrificing our personal liberties to fear.

This is not to say other groups aren’t suffering or continue to suffer – I am just pointing out – these are some of the bigger violation of civil rights that have happened based on fear, the belief in racial superiority and divine right within our borders and in our parents and grandparents lifetimes.

2. I am a woman.  I still don’t get an equal wage as men do for the same qualifications and work. Women have and continue to face discrimination in the work environment.

3. I am a person of color.  If I was born to a black mother instead of a white one not so long ago  – I would have been a slave just on the basis of my birth.  Being born to a white mother would have perhaps prevented this.  But I most likely would have at best been sold to a man seeking a mulatto mistress and lived out my life at the whims of my master – my being bi racial at that time and even now makes me an exotic commodity on the human trafficking market. Although Alhumdualillah nothing like that has ever happened to me.  * Note – The term Mulatto is derogatory- because it sources from the word Mule in Latin and Mules are sterile animals.

4. Family values aren’t about what type of family you have.  Its about the values you teach your kids and how you treat others.  The families in America have bigger things to worry about than if their neighbors who happen to be gay are married.  They need to be worried 1. Am I going to keep my job or get a job? 2. Do we have  proper access to the basics – food, shelter, education and medical care?  3. Are these quality services? 4. Am I instilling the values that will make my child or children – productive critically thinking compassionate individuals?  5. Is my family safe from toxins, abuse and crime even within their home?

I was raised by an openly lesbian mother – I happen to be heterosexual, Muslim, with a college degree and happy for the most part with who I am – stick that in your pipe and smoke it – close minded conservatives.

So basically in voting yes on Prop 8- I believe that your vote yes to these possibilities for Americans and Muslims alike.

As a Muslim – I think we should keep to the Qur’an and Sunnah but its not our place to be forcing our values on other individuals who are not Muslim. If we allowed Jew’s to live in peace and didn’t interfere with their religious practice or life style choices all that time ago – why are we suddenly concerned with what gays and lesbians are doing? Let alone anyone else?!

I know someone’s going to quote – if you see something stop it with your hand, your tongue or just hate it in your heart – verse at me right about now.   If its not effecting you personally – why are you running around trying to take other individuals rights away? That’s all I am saying.

So now this biggest issue we have at our house is which one of the marriage certificate’s my mom has is valid – since she had to get married twice to her partner.  Eh.. does it matter?  They are old married ladies and the biggest worry on their minds is when they are going to marry off their Muslim daughter and get some grand babies to spoil.


4 thoughts on “Married Twice isn’t that nice?

  1. You and I think a LOT a like. When it becomes acceptable to hate or marginalize one group, it soon becomes acceptable to do it to ANY group. The constitution was put in place for JUST such a purpose. If someone thinks homosexuals are evil people who are going to hell, that’s their opinion, which they’re entitled to, but the law can’t cater to an opinion.

    It MUST serve the rights of all. As long as their actions hurt no one, the rights of a minority group should never be infringed. I realize the Nazi Cannibals are mad at me now, but I told them all about the wonders of tempeh, so it’s their own fault.

    I enjoy your dissertations. They showcase a very small part of a very big mind.

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