You thought you weren’t a consumer – then along came baby…

So its baby season. If you haven’t noticed all the bumps around the community – then you probably A. are blind or B. Think your seeing a lot of hijabi camels – Might I suggest getting the prescription on your glasses checked?

Did you know that the majority of babies are born in September?

My goodness with all the baby showers coming up – its made me realize how crazy one could get – buy stuff for a single baby.  If you can imagine it – there is probably a product for it.

Just when it comes to where your baby could sleep there are 3-5 different options! The bassinet, the cradle, the crib, the arm’s reach, the hammock … and on and on it goes.  That’s not including color or pattern combination’s either.  Maybe I am just a bit simplistic given – I slept as an infant between my parents – then was transferred to a crib and then to a regular twin bed.

The the clothing – who knew such a small person needed such an extensive wardrobe especially given they are going to grow out of the majority of it in weeks?  I have photos of me in a cloth diaper with plastic pants and a T shirt crawling around the house.  I guess its a bit like having a live doll that now you can play dress up with – and they can’t object to what you put them in.  Although I find myself oOoOing and Ahhing over the size and cuteness of the clothing – but I know even if I was a millionaire – second hand and gently used is how my babies are going to be rolling the majority of the time.

Organic is nice – but I think you have to be realistic about how much you can protect your kid from – if its not a hassle and you can afford it – do it.  I like the idea of making my own baby food – it seems pretty simple and sounds fun.

I love a good investment purchase – the kind that last a long time and grow with your kid. Its just so practical – thats why I love Stokke baby products – although they aren’t organic.

I also think its important to plan ahead – everyone I know for the most part – have their kids two years – give or take apart.  They always end up with 3-5 different strollers.  I figure if you know thats what might happen – best plan for it by purchasing a stroller that can expand to meet that need and will hold up to the constant use.

One thing I do think is important is safety… this is one thing I am willing to pay the big bucks for.  So it may not be the most fashionable thing on the block but it WILL be the safest if it has my kid in it.  I love Consumer Reports because they do all the independent testing of every product under the sun – so their baby guide and I will be like superglue and the substitute teachers butt – that got glued to the teacher’s chair.  And no it wasn’t me who did that to the teacher!

I am really surprised at how few people really sit down and educated themselves about having a baby.  Its scary to think people who know babies don’t come with instruction manuals – are just winging it and hoping for the best.  That’s not to say you need to be hyper OCD about parenting – books – only go so far – and then you just have to jump in and get dirty.  Trust me – you get dirty.. I have been pee’d, pooped on, spit up on = baby vomit.  Alhumdualillah I survived – and these were just my cousins and friends kids I baby sit.

So far so good.. inshaAllah it will be the same with my own one day.


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