Power Vacuum

President Obama announced the official withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq by August 31,2010.   Its all in preparation of the campaign for his second term for office and it doesn’t mean the casualities will stop – just because combat troops are withdrawaling – security contractors aren’t counted as a part of that number – so there are plenty of individuals paid for by the American government and my tax dollars (which just makes me livid) running around with weapons.

President Obama was elected on the premise of providing a change we could believe in – and his rhetoric is excellent – if I do say so myself.  He is trying to set it up so that when he goes out on the campaign trail and does his town halls – which are fully security screened and all questions prepped for beforehand.  He will be able to convince the American public they made the right choice in electing him over the Palin /McCain ballot.  Now this is not to say McCain is a bad guy – I actually like his stance on torture and interrogation – given he experienced it as a POW during the Vietnam War.  Not that the Palin/McCain ballot was a really choice with Palin on it.  Obama doesn’t really have to care about the long term implications because – the reality is even with a second term – he can’t fix a quagmire in four years.

The United States isn’t leaving Iraq anytime soon.  Not since we have built one of the largest embassies ever seen along with huge bases in Iraq.  The reality is .. Habib we are home! and not going anywhere.

The real issue is the continue inability for one group to emerge as the top dog in Iraq.  We need a group that will be able to strong enough to work together for a common cause – the people – InshaAllah.  However the divide between Shia, Sunni and Kurd – has been allowed to take precedent over the common good.  The quickest way to unite these factions is to have a common cause – which usually is a common enemy or threat.  It really gets peoples blood pumping – its a truism about individual and group dynamics.

I would like to hope the American government and military actions in Iraq hasn’t radicalized a whole new segment of the Iraqi population into choosing violence as their means to revenge – or change. That is too idealistic for the reality so many in Iraq have faced since the invasion. Sadly.

The power vacuum is the most volatile and potentially dangerous thing about this invasion.  Outside influences – other neighboring nations and corporate interests all have a decided take on who would be the best leader for Iraq – best for their interests – not the Iraqi peoples that’s for sure.

When was the last time the Iraqi people knew a time of peace and prosperity? If it takes you a while or you need to go grab a history book – its been a VERY long time.  I would love to see an Iraqi Hugo Chavez – except his name would probably Mohammed  Chavez 😉  or a Robin-hood of Iraq!  The Iraqi people need to be taught to organize themselves so that they can better represent their needs and interests to the government and have youth who are educated to be leaders.

InshaAllah the Iraqi leaders would follow in the foot steps of the Prophet (saws).

The Iraqis will continue to be tossed like a bottle in violent seas until the power vacuum is filled.  InshaAllah its someone who is honest, honorable and just. Ameen.


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