TiMER – The Movie

This movie proposes an interesting concept. What if you could know the date and time your supposed to meet your one?

In this movie people are implanted with timers – that zero out and count down to when your suppose to meet your “one.”  There is even a whole bunch of people who are anti timer – seeing it as something that is preventing excitement and quest to really find love.  It made me wonder .. how many people would really want to know the exact date they were going to meet their ideal match?  So let me know.. would you?

I find myself a bit uncertain after watching this film.  Everyone with a TiMER had a different experience – some with TiMERs had to wait well into their forties to meet their “one”- some with still blank timers that never zero out – timers that give you a 10 hrs – one day – 5 minutes before you meet the “one”- others without timers – those who removed their timers because – who cares what a machine tells you – your heart and your head know better.

I worry that if I had one of these TiMERs I would be obsessed – depending on where I was in the many TiMER categories listed above.  Has finding a mate become so mechanical? Think about it – majority of people are connecting through the internet.  Has it become a task and a chore for Muslims and non-Muslims alike? Rather than an adventure, odyssey or quest to be viewed with anticipation?  Is it really just a laundry list qualities that we are looking to share our lives with that happen to be embodied in another human being ?

Or would a robot do just as well?  Think about it.


One thought on “TiMER – The Movie

  1. If nothing else, the timer could tell us if we missed them already. That would at least REMOVE some of the stress.

    On the other hand, I tend not to believe that we have an ideal mate, a soul mate, or whatnot. I was engaged once, many adventures ago, and was crazy in love. She was not, as it turns out, the one. Looking back, I’m amazed we were ever engaged (we certainly wouldn’t be if we met today).

    Finding a mate is difficult because we’re well aware that there’s sacrifice involved and we’re afraid of what that will be. Or we’re afraid of being unloved. I’m told there’s a name for this but it boils down to being afraid of success. We want to move forward, we want to have these awesome things, but we’re afraid of that moment where we commit.

    Insh’Allah, we’ll find someone we can work together to create that awesome relationship.

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