Inception – Too Much Hype

I saw Inception tonight.  I wasn’t impressed.  Was that a gasp I heard just circle the globe.  Yep.. not impressed.  Good graphics and amazing use of computer technology.  What I did like was the acting.. I haven’t seen a movie with Leo in it since Titanic – he has aged well.  I also noticed the actress from Juno was in the movie – Ms. Ellen Page and the actor from 3rd Rock from the Sun- Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt – who looked MashaAllah in his waist coat and slacks.

What can I say?!  I have a thing for waist coats on men! –  Alright I admit it.

Ok.. Something else I have to admit I find weird – that they have a Desi playing an Arab character – played by Dileep Rao.

Then the have the Arab character – in a car chase and pull what looks to be a suicide mission – just bugged me with the negative undertones to the character.

People are tripping all over themselves about the concept of the film – when the concept of the film has been in psychology textbooks for decades.  The only thing besides the graphics was that made me go – huh that’s cool- because the director was asking us to think – was the fact that 2/3 of the movie keep pointing out – how to figure out you were in a dream. Now cast your mind back to the Matrix Trilogy- similar yes?.

In this movie as in life – we never remember how A. we got to the point we are in life – meaning we don’t remember our entire life span – so could it be a dream? In the case of the characters in the movie – they start in a dream.  B.  The question that they end the movie on was – its it a dream or reality that Leo awakes to?  The bigger question that should be asked is – does it matter?
In the end I love scifi thrillers – so I thought it was worth the $16 dollars for the ticket and snacks to see it in IMAX.  Although I think 3-D would be HOT!  Check it out for yourselves.


One thought on “Inception – Too Much Hype

  1. I like Leo better since he got older-loved him in Blood Diamond! He was great! (Good movie too)

    I too hate it when the “bad guys” are Arabs. REALLY bugs me. So, thanks for the heads up!

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