Home Improvements = Unhappy Muslimah Daughter

I love our little house.  1500 square feet of my mom’s 401k, mismatched paint, cluttered and ours.

What I don’t love is being woken up at 7 am by workers and power tools outside both my bedroom windows.

Our House Before —–>

First – its inconvenient I have to shut all my windows and curtains and make sure to completely cover before leaving my bedroom.  Which is a hassle – when I live in a home full of women and I usually can wander around without having to cover.  There are things I would change if this were my house – like putting up curtains in the living room so I didn’t have to cover – every time I wandered from the kitchen and family room back to my bedroom.

Secondly – I am a nightowl.  Thats just the natural body rhythm I have had since I was a baby.  I could stay up till Fajr and sleep till 10-11am  no problems – then go to work in an ideal world.  So I am like a bear with a sore paw when I get awakened when I don’t want to be.  Yes.. I think evil little thoughts and start master minding the down fall of the workers here to landscape the front yard.  Then I have to remind myself – I am just sleep deprived not an evil genius bent on taking over the world.

Oohsah! >rubs her ears<

So I can deal with a little landscaping.  Until it dragged out to over a week – and the guy started to nickel and dime my mom and argue with her over what she wanted and what was in the contract.  Cue the steam coming out of my ears.  I really really loathe men who think they can pull one over on a woman because she is a woman.  Its such BS.

Alhumdualillah my mom is no one’s push over and proceeded to step up and micromanage the life out of this guy.  My mom is a Project Manager for a reason – She knows what she is doing and she gets results.

So now our house looks like this – Front View from the Drive way

We now have taken out the planter box and replaced that with a large stone patio / front porch.  The Camillas are gone – now with instead our 50 year old scented rose bushes in large pots under my front window – excellent security devices – lots of thorns.

The Stone of the Front Porch/ Patio

The Hand Stacked Rock Wall – Meaning its not cemented together

The Crushed Granite Walkway-

The View from the Front Porch towards the Street and an Angle-

All the majority of plants are Xeriscape.  Meaning they require little to no watering once they are established in the soil.

Although the woodchips are hiding a drip irrigation system that has a set timer that will water 15 minutes every morning – till they are established.

One of our side gates with a bit of the new fence showing.  We have been in our home for 10 years now and improving it bit by bit. As evidenced by our interesting paint job on the house 🙂

Home Sweet Home.


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