Ground Zero Masjid and Sarah Palin

I have never been a fan of Sarah Palin nor the segment of our society she represents.  Now the Tea Party I can kind of understand given they are in a cluster f$%# kind of way trying to get back to the ideals of the founding fathers of the United States – which while noble – still marginalized and exploited 99% of the population based on three qualifications 1. you had to be literate 2. white 3. landowning.

Lets just say I have no qualms or rose-colored glasses when it comes to the “founding fathers” of this nation.

What gets me is that Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and the rest of the right act like Muslims are new to America and that Muslim’s didn’t die in the World Trade Towers – not as those flying the planes into the towers but as average citizens and workers simply following their daily routine of work.

Muslims are a part of the very history and fabric of America and the world that can not be erased.  That algebra class you hated – you can thank a Muslim for coming up with the concept you spent suffering through.   The fact you had to read Homer and wondered what the big fuss was over some guy’s long sea voyage – thank a Muslim scholar – now long dead for saving those Greek texts.

Thank Muslim scholars for the concept of germs, full detailed maps of the human body anatomy, hospitals and the architectural influences seen in churches and cities around the globe.

I feel sad for individuals like Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich because they are blinded not just by their ignorance and hate but religious zealous.  They view Muslims in America – through lenses of Crusaders.   Which if they knew their history they would know and understand that – it was a stain of the fabric of Christianity – the crimes that were committed in Allah’s name.

You want to prevent the expansion and rebuilding of a masjid that has been there for forty years.  Go ahead and try.  If the masjid is prevented from being built there – the irony is the Muslim’s won’t disappear or fade away just because you prevented one Masjid from being built – sounds close to what the Christians experienced under the Roman Empire.  Being harassed,discriminated against, ostracized, and driven underground.

Muslims have no need to hide or be ashamed- our religion is one of peace.  If Sarah Palin and the right, think we are going to quietly sit down and allow for people to treat us like the new kids on the block – they have another thing coming.  If they envision the same historical path they took with the Native American, Asian, Irish, Armenian, African-American  occurring under the guise of national security – without protest – think again.

And as our numbers continue to grow – we will arrive at our many nations capitals just as Nabi (pubh) did in Mecca – a population far greater than was seen before and we will ask for your peaceful surrender.  We arrive through votes, business connections, rising in social status and the fact that America and other nations need what we have.  You need our resources – our minds, our minerals and our lands.

We have our list of demands – and you can best be sure – our revolution will not be televised.


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