Disappearing Brothers

I know it may sound weird to many Muslims – that I am using all means open to me to find a husband. Friends, Imams, Facebook and the Internet.  InshaAllah.  Really it isn’t that weird.

Especially given all the quarks of the Ummah I have encountered on this search.  But one things that eludes my grasp is when people do random things.  Like brothers – I am interested in suddenly disappearing.  Yeah straight up – there the profile was and now its gone – disappearing.

Yes.  There is a nice brother I was interested in.. we had a lot in common etc.  So I gave him my wali’s number- praying that FINALLY – I have the other half of my deen – signed, sealed and delievered. Ameen.

The brother isn’t ballin.. I wasn’t looking for that.  I was however excited he wanted to travel and increase his knowledge in the deen – inshaAllah becoming an Imam one day.  I was excited that he was mixed like I am.  I was interested because we were on the same cultural wave length – Islamic American. Same issues as converts.  He was into having a family and was down to be green – showing some love to mother earth.

So when a brother up and disappears – I have to just be like Alhumdualillah – even though that masks disappointment. Yet again.


5 thoughts on “Disappearing Brothers

  1. Salaam, just came across your blog – I’m also a fellow convert, alhamdilulah.

    As for guys suddenly disappearing… weird is right! But in the end, Allahu alim, God knows best. Perhaps God is simply protecting you from those who simply aren’t right for you. Hang in there! 🙂

  2. We have to be thankful when Allah swt pulls the rug out from under us, as surprising as it is sometimes ! It’s such a blessing when you realize you’ve met a more suitable person and that’s why it had to happen. I know you know this as well as I do mash’Allah. We just keep on keepin on !

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