I should be job hunting right now…

Technically I should be posting my resume on another website and writing another cover letter in an effort to impress someone in a random HR department some where.  Instead I am wanting to fly across the country and go visit – David – who is my brother if not by blood.  Long story short.. my mom had me and then her foster mom adopted David nine months after I was born and we grew up and lived together till we were 4 or 5 like brother and sister.  Then David’s mom moved to Michigan and so did David.. and then I would come out with my mom every summer break and hang out at the lake – doing everything kids do when not supervised by adults.

Aunt Kate was the person who with Aunt Ellen supported the fanciful, dreamy side of me.  I have always been what many would call “an old soul” when other kids would want to go run through sprinklers – I would be tucked away on the porch reading a sci fi book and day dreaming.  They full heartedly supported my inner dreamer and I will always be immensely grateful for that.

Aunt Kate knew I loved the little things – nice little things – a piece of stained glass, a beautiful sculpture of a fairy, a glass pen – the old fashioned kind, a beautiful tea pot.  She knew I loved, rose gold over any other precious metal, flannel over any other fabric and that a perfect day would be to sleep late, drink tea on the porch over looking the lake while eating a cherry turnover in my pjs and later have a family BBQ with a bon fire under a full moon with smores.  I guess to some these things are old fashioned and quarky.

Aunt Kate got me hooked on Fiction – it was a way to journey to places and meet characters that I couldn’t do in my ordinary life.  Perhaps this is why I am so passionate about getting out and traveling now that I have had a taste.  She also got me hooked on musicals – 1930’s -1940’s – the golden era of American film.  From the car to the shower to the front porch – I would sing the classic standards to the current pop of MJ.  Everyone who knows me knows that when I am truly happy – I sing.  I don’t even know I am singing half the time but I am.

Its in Kate and Ellen’s back yard we would hunt snails, and eat wild mint growing there.   We would pet Pearl and trying to entice Chan to come down and play.  I remember waking up on a Christmas morning long ago and finding a stuffed Fievel – from the movie American Tail almost as tall as I was on the end of my bed – David had a matching one.

David has a had a hard day today – in addition to getting the news on Aunt Kate’s death – he woke up this morning to find his mother wouldn’t awake from a insulin induced coma.  He was a trooper – called everyone who needed to be called and made the difference in his mother survival.   It took its toll on him.  He is already under the stress of expecting my niece or nephew in December.  Allah knows life and death are simply two sides of the same coin.  We should not fear death nor should we heedlessly race towards it when our presence and wisdom are needed here.  May Allah protect, guide him and remove excessive burdens from his path. Ameen.

This has hit the family hard.  Many people might think family is only those people you are related to by blood.  I know differently.  Family is those who support, care and push you.  My mom loves to say – the beauty in life is you can choose who you family is regardless of what family you were born into.

May Allah protect and guide my family through this tough time. Ameen.


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