I simply want to hold your hand

Smile at you like your my world

Laugh like everything is possible when we are together

Cry like the world is ending

Burn with anger , passion and love

Let it consume me and rebirth me simultaneously

Tease you with flashing eyes and a wicked wit

Ignite your anger, passions and love

Make you sigh, asking. “What did I get myself into?” and reply to your own question – “I have no idea but its mine and I love it.”

Match your rhythm to mine

I will mirror you as we seek forgiveness from Al Rahman Al Rahim.

Our wrinkles and scars a testimony to our lives

And in the end we both will stand in front of each other bare

Nothing hidden, everything exposed

and simply feel safe.


2 thoughts on “Simple

  1. Really beautiful-Doesn’t matter what one’s personal beliefs are because underneath, we all want the same things.

    p.s.-I am really enjoying following your blog.

  2. isolated, poignant. you do know scars build character and will testify as long as we are in our physical bodies?

    i loved the line consume and rebirth me simultaneously. the wording was acute and creativity stellar.

    feel safe and sound in the arms we call love.

    great poem A.

    i do hope you keep writing. you have a natural gift for it.


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