Midnight Musings

So when I am up late tired after having survived another day.. all the little crazy thoughts I have pushed to the side for the majority of the day seems to bombard my mind and make it difficult to switch my mind off.

Today at Jummah the Imam Abdul Latif made a great point about how born and reverted Muslims can push people away from Islam through multiple things be it being overly judgemental or not approaching the person in the correct manner.

It was something that really resonated with me having had that experience myself.  InshaAllah I don’t do that to anyone and if I have may they forgive me.

It’s hard enough sometimes just getting in the fard prayers – with some of the crazy demands I have on my time and the demands I attempt to fulfill by trying to be everywhere at once.  I have noticed lately that I have over burdened myself in an attempt to stay busy and more in touch with the Ummah.  SubhannaAllah it was with a good intent but now I am feeling burnt out.  It’s not just the things with the Ummah – let me just say that.

It has been a crazy roller coaster ride of a year in Ameri Corps and at my job site.  I love that I have been able to do a lot of really cool stuff and I have learned a lot this year.  It’s just been a really demanding year especially given my boss.  Alhumdualillah I have learned many skills and honed many skills – like biting my tongue.

Which I am not perfect at because Allah knows there are times – but I have improved Alhumdualillah.  Baby steps.

Imam Abdul Latif also pointed out that in moving toward Allah that it’s the best deeds are the small ones that you can continuously do.  So of course your fard prayers count but this made me ponder what can I do to streamline my deeds?  Ok. I know it sounds way too corporate right? But I want to maximize my good deeds by selecting ones that A. I can do continuously B. Are deeds I enjoy – InshaAllah and C. Allow me to build up to bigger deeds.

I love helping the Ummah but I need to really pick one thing and focus on it.  I have my fingers in a lot of pies or in this case committees at Lighthouse – Education, maintainance, Fundraising, Ramadan etc.. but I think I am spread a little too thin.  So because the hidden good deeds are the best good deeds I will keep those hidden deeds on going. InshaAllah

But if anyone has any suggestions on small good deeds they enjoy – and think others might too.. leave a suggestion here or tweet a reply to me!!


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