How America is creating its own enemy-Part Two

The American hunger for the newest, biggest and best thing has us lead us to temptation and beyond it into addiction and greed.  This is not to say that individuals alone are responsible for the insatiable consumerist hunger they exhibit, we know that this is fostered and nurtured by corporations who sell products and services with the sole goal of making a profit with the help of advertising agencies even whole lobbies advocating for the supposed “interests of the consumer” in Washington D.C.

Power combined with supply and demand – grr baby grr – sounds sexy right?  In order to fulfill the very definition of a corporation – to fulfill their free market capitalistic destiny.. these corporations are driven to find the raw goods, materials and labor at the cheapest price possible in order to maintain their ever growing profit margins.  And what is the best price? Free.  And if you can’t get that… the next best to exploit the people and market to as near to free as possible.  This is facilitated on an international level through the use of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank (WB), World Trade Organization (WTO), the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the International Criminal Court (ICC) through a blatant system of gate keeping based on socioeconomic hierarchy.

If we can’t get free as the price of the product of the consumer next best thing is to control access to the resources so that then you can fix the price dependent on demand,  you can just price gauge the hell out of it or create a fake level of scarcity for that good.  A great example of this is De Beer’s the diamond company, they control the majority of the diamond industry so they can limit the number of diamonds available to consumers thus creating a false level of scarcity.

Through organizations such at the WTO, IMF and World Bank the United States has set it up so that our corporations and government can dictate to other nations the prices we will pay for their goods and services.  This also allows the United States and other governments to close and  open different markets at will – in an effort to prevent in the United States case – American grain from being pushed out of the market because African grain is available at a lower price. So economically speaking the United States and other nations have banded together to become the Prince John’s and pirates of the world’s economic Sherwood forest.

When these larger supposedly more equal economic forums don’t work in an effort to gain access to or control access to different raw materials the United States government uses its military and in some cases proxy’s such as the Taliban, KBR, Halburton,  Blackwater, native military and paramilitaries  of other countries trained as a part of the School of America’s (SOA) which has now been renamed  Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC) to secure resources for different US and multinational companies so that America and other Western nations can continue to feed their addiction to newest, latest and greatest gadgets or just raw materials like crude oil and cobaltum which we use in our iPhones.

In some cases proxy wars are funding in order to help the right people gain power and increase access to the material or good that America or another Western power wants which is the case in Saudi Arabia and Iraq, in other cases its the fact we don’t agree with ideology of the government because they aren’t inclined to let America or another Western power influence how they run their country – as is the case when it comes Guatemala, Venezuela now and Iran in the past and currently with Iran seeking nuclear power-peacefully so they say.

Which is making the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the “Nuke Club” meaning nations with nuclear weapons – declared like Russia and the United States and undeclared like Israel – nervous because they don’t want a new Islamic member joining and tipping  the balance of power and influence in the Middle East region further away from Western powers.  In the case of other countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE and Syria – they are just hoping that Iran doesn’t develop nuclear weapons – because that equals a new arms race but that’s a whole different post.

The real issue is that  proxy’s and the American military presence bring along a very dangerous concept called the acceptable lost ratio- basically meaning how many people can die before its distasteful to the image of the operation or negatively impacts the ability to complete an operation.

In some cases – there was no acceptable lost ratio – the United States government didn’t care how many people died as long as the result ended favorably for them- this was especially true during the Cold War era.  The United States has meddled in Central America,  South America, Asia and the Middle East all in the last fifty years.  Some might just call this blow back – which is  the espionage term for the violent,unintended consequences of a covert operation that are suffered by the civil population of the aggressor government.

What kicks the bucket is that the United States, other nations  and corporations in their efforts to secure resources – are doing it by lying to their own citizens and the international community.  But I guess saying to your citizens, ” As the President of the United States, I have authorized the covert operation “Kick Ass” to over throw Iraqi government in order to secure another military base in the region and more direct access to crude oil, in addition to the bases we currently have in Saudi Arabia, UAE and other Arab nations” might not do well for your ratings.


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