What a shitty piece of news to wake up to…

My one of my coworkers to be known as “J” was laid off this past Friday and nobody was willing to tell me this until he did when he called me this morning to ask if I would meet him at the office and help him pick up some items he had forgotten in his desk on Friday.

Like all domestic violence (DV) agencies in the state of California.. thanks to the govenator…the budget for our agencies were cut 100% this past fall.  Leaving all of the shelters and other agencies providing services to women and families along with men trying to get out of abusive or exploitative situations scrabbling for funding.

The funding crisis has continued even with the help of people like Leland Yee and Moby… it was a stop gap at most.  Even funding that we counted on regularly before is in question because now there are so many agencies competing for a limited pool of money.

So when our agency announced that it would give two weeks notice before laying an individual off and that this was a real reality- people started to update and polish their resumes with a quickness.

My position is assured because I am working through Ameri Corps.  On some level I wish it was me who was laid off because then I wouldn’t be sitting at my desk having some level of survivor’s guilt.

The reality my department faces is that with me gone on July 15th, 2010.. the two co workers left “M” and “T” are going to be swamped with double the work load they have now.  I don’t envy them.. although on some level I get fiendish pleasure in knowing that “T” will be more of a neurotic workaholic than before.  I feel for “M”  she is good people deserves to work for people who truly appreciate her and all that she does.

So the DV and Teen Dating Violence (TDV) funding crisis will continue onward just like the education crisis until they collapse or our government and people realize just how important they are.


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