Peace Corps on the horizon?

So after all the drama so far with my Peace Corps application.. we are inching towards the finish line.  I just need a documentation for all my immunizations and Medical Exam form back from my doctor.  Then next step is to make copies and send everything out.

They said when I talked to my Peace Corps interview person this would be a long journey.. they were not kidding.  You really need a lot of patience to deal with all the snags and potential foul ups that can occur down the line.  I can almost taste the medical evaluation being put in the mail and simply having to wait.

I can deal with the wait.  I have my back up plan which is another year of Ameri Corps through BAYAC or another job that fits my skill set although I would feel bad to get a really nice full time job only to leave them in the lurch in 6 – 9 months time.

So I having signed up for a second year of Ameri Corps, my back up plan if Peace Corps doesn’t work out is to take the 5k and use some of it to pay for CELTA certification so I can go teach abroad in an Arabic speaking country. InshaAllah.

Although my mom will probably think that’s  a bit crazy and I never really envisioned myself as a teacher.  I have learned its a talent I have – to teach and I love it because I love taking a student finding their passion and helping them figure out a path that enabled them to follow that passion.  I never planned on being rich 😛 but I guess I was meant to just be beautiful!

My friend Charlotte tells me I could just save up and move to a country, find a job and live there quite comfortably – no problem.  I am not so spontaneous to do something with out  a little bit of foresight.  My friend Lee tells me if I go and work in KSA that I will be able to save money easily and have the option of doing Hajj and Umrah.  I would love to be able to save enough money to pay for my grad school outright or have a down payment of 30% for a house – inshaAllah financing with a Sharia compliant loan for the rest.   I could always just get crazy with it and save money only to blow it on traveling around Europe for a year or something.  Let me know.. what do you think?


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