The wedding I dream of…inspired @shobz

So I have had as woman a long time what I want my wedding to be like… its something I have been dreaming about since I was a little girl. So after securing the groom.. which the hunt is on going.. I have a few things I am only really certain about.. I want to get married in a kick butt dress, in a masjid, with my immediate family and friends- ONLY – and then have a rocking good time at the reception which better have awesome food. The location of the honeymoon is optional.. but it would be really nice to go on Umrah or Hajj.

So here are some of my day dreams about my ideal wedding.

I got my dress pattern.. and no one gets to copy me!!! If you do.. I am not responsible for my actions- this pattern has the ability to alter for long sleeves – which was a pain to find.. but Alhumdualillah.

For the actual wedding ceremony- I want to have it in the Masjid between two prayer times – get those good deeds baby! Its going to probably be in the prayer area like this one at Abu Bakr as-Siddiq Masjid in Hayward,CA – because it has no separate women’s prayer area – which would weird out my whole non Muslim family.

Reception Location: I love the beach.. so I want the reception at the beach. I want it to be semi formal… meaning leave your shoes in the car once you get there and prepare for some home cooking, soccer, volleyball and a bon fire with good music.

I want some awesome food.. things that people actually want to eat.. not just fancy things put together with a leaf and like a piece of carrot. I want a mix of tradtional with dishes that my future hubby and I just enjoy – everything from a pie to hummus to a kabob and samosas and nectars.. with halal smores and a freaking awesome cake of some kind.. something that makes you think.. it tastes of Jannah!

InshaAllah 😛


3 thoughts on “The wedding I dream of…inspired @shobz

  1. That was a really good post. I can see that you have actually thought this through very carefully. InshAllah I hope you have the wedding of your dreams 🙂

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