Snap out of it!

So after letting my room go to black hole chaos after my slight depression after having drifted apart from Ireland – a two week period give or take.

I got my crap together and starting cleaning and organizing. My inbox had gone crazy.. I had like 300+ emails… that I was too lazy to really read and delete. Check that off the to do list. I took my mouse and razed my inbox down to a more respectable 150+.

Next on the list of getting back to my life – putting away the mountains of clean clothes that had settled into drifts on my bedroom floor. Which made it a bit difficult to do salat.. but I managed.. until I realized – What am I thinking? Girl.. this isn’t you.. cluttered yes.. but hoarder.. no- its not looking good. So I sucked it up.. and started folding and hanging.. unfortunately.. I ran out of hangers.

I guess that means a trip to Target sometime today.

I have also been critically evaluating my book collection – I have a wall of bookcases in my room and its getting to that point >sigh< where its time to cull the herd of books.

I was really quite sad about it but then I discovered Google Books.. cue the angelic choir.. I no longer have to decide what to keep – because I CAN have it ALL for FREE – at least when it comes to books.. electronically. Yeah baby Yeah!

My friend Raja even encouraged me to buy two new dresses- which will be worn as shirts- for me and of course *ahem* for Raja’s wedding. Since I rarely spent money shopping and really putting together outfits. But I have been thinking… its not selfish to spend time on me.. to be healthier and happier – while looking good.

So in addition to the goal to put together a good wardrobe – I am back on the healthy plan I started six months ago. My goal is to be healthy by making an effort to workout, eat healthy and do activities that make me more active – while helping the community inshaAllah.

And finally I had started my treasure map – which is a collage representing my goals for this year and never completed it. Why? Because I was scared that if I actually asked Allah (swt) for what I wanted and was sincere.. I might not get it.

Now.. I am flipping off my fears and going for it full throttle.


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