Your boring me.. maybe if you were silent you would be more interesting.

Ok.. I know maybe the topic of this post sounds horribly mean and sarcastic.. but the truth is.. all the guys that I met last night were terribly dull. Opps.. didn’t mean to channel my fake English accent when saying that.

Does anyone have an opinion on anything?! Everyone is so polite they are making me want to say something indecent just to see who they really are behind the facade they are putting up.. you can be pious and still have a personality.

Its not like the minute you decided to be god conscious.. you need to run for the Islamic white wash or self censor till all you can have is a milk toast conversation.

So I am wondering is there a balance between the white wash and the creepy brothers who say things like – Your sexy- after 15 minutes of talking to them and the REAL bad news – as seen in the last post.

All I need is one good brother. I am not holding out hope for Mr. Perfect.. although that would be nice.. how about Mr. Just Right? Although unlike in Goldilocks.. I don’t get to try out the man.. before I sign up for a lifetime commitment.

Ah well… thats life when your keeping it Halal.


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