What the heck?!

So you would think.. Muslim dating site.. perhaps just perhaps there is some level of logic to this whole thing. Wrong. Dead wrong. I can see now why some scholars say that online marriage hunting is Haraam.

Lets give a brief profile of the last 24 – 48 hours of men I have interacted with.

This first guy – located in Germany – Tunisian by ancestry..seemingly nice at first – and then asks me if I enjoy anal sex. Of course this is after he asks if I am a virgin.. which is probably the most insulting question you could ask a woman -until the next question. Would I be interested in trying anal sex with him?

I will say this only once- HELL NO.

This after proclaiming his undying love for me and wanting to get engaged after less than 20 minutes of talking. Sending up all sorts of red flags buddy – Haraam and otherwise.

So then I asked – out of morbid curiosity – So do you plan on sleeping with other women to have this type of sex? He said no. But still I don’t EVER want to have to tell a brother – ever again – that anal sex is Haraam and that I never plan on that.


The next winner from this website-
A brother located in the US – 22- already married and looking for a second wife.
Now this winner attracted to my photo. Take the time to read his profile and then ask him whats wrong with his first wife? Nothing.. he says – I just want to complete a Sunnah. Ok. Alhumdualillah. But seriously brother you didn’t read my profile.. if your asking if I want to be a 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife. The answer will always be no except in rare cases.

Another fine squire- This brother located in Pakistan – Out right just offered 5k to marry him for two years and help get him a green card. And how about no?

What do you take more for? On one hand I can admire the brothers up front style but on the other hand I can’t help but be insulted that I was the recipient of the offer.

Yeah… and brothers wonder why the sister are skeptical of the marriage market.. its cuz of guys like these.


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