I don’t want tooo!!!

I didn’t want to get out of bed.. but here I am.. and looking longingly at my bed while I watch the world cup. After last night going out with the Progressive Single Muslims group for our first get together in a while – for a bonfire at Ocean Beach.. and then Thai food.

At least that was the plan.. got to the beach and couldn’t get a fire pit. :/ So while we waited.. we tossed around the football, caught up with each other and the brave ones like myself wandered down to the Pacific Ocean and dipped our toes in.

Eventually everyone showed up and we decide.. lets blow this pop stand and go eat some Thai food. So we headed over to Khan Toke Thai House. The Thai place is setup in a very traditional way – they take your shoes before you are seated!

The food was good except not very spicy the papaya salad was a huge disappointment. However there were bright spots among the menu – the pad thai, duck and tofu and the spring rolls – amazing spicy peanut sauce.

Once we settled in all 10 of us.. suddenly it was like all the Muslims in SF decided to show up.. we mobbed that place..20 deep- took over more than half the main dining room and then flushed all the customers out with our loud laughter and random conversations in English, Arabic, Hindi and Urdu.

We ate, we laughed and then we had to figure out what to do. Go back to the beach? or some where else now that we have full bellies?

We decide to go to a local spot Layaly – part restaurant, part hookah bar. I don’t smoke but I am all for a cup of tea, a game of cards and good conversation. The owner of Layaly is so cool.. stayed open just for us two hours late and let us have the whole place to ourselves.

The party wrapped up with some baklava and a short walk through the sleeping streets of SF at midnight.

I feel like although I have a lot of things that I do.. volunteering at the masjid, going to the Taleef Collective – somehow its not enough and I am longing to travel and be somewhere new again. My feet are itching for adventure again.


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