Ireland is very thoughtful, a great listener – always concerned with making sure he doesn’t impose or put me out. Dare I say a gentleman in the true meaning of the word? I don’t have to ask.. but simply express an interest in and he will do his best to help me fulfill the goal. He is also supportive of the Peace Corps and I am nervous and worried about how our relationship will play out over the long distance. Well maybe I should say longer distance.

Ireland has been focused on job hunting and cost cutting.. so he plans on house sitting for a friend for two month for free rent and getting rid of the current apartment to that end. I have been thinking about how to swing a trip to Eire. I have the goal of getting debt free and I wonder what it would take for me to afford a trip to Ireland without going back into debt. Right now its not a possibility with my goal in mind as of next pay check I will have no credit card debt. ^_^

Next up, getting rid of the school loan. Which should happen in July – inshaAllah – with me enjoying my version of “the Office,” in the office. I wonder which character that makes me? I have to admit I was in a huge funk with Ireland visiting his family in Iran and not being able to really communicate with him the way I was use to.

But to the end of furthering my career I have been toying with the thought of getting CELTA certified – which is like TEFOL or is it TEFL? So then I can teach English abroad in interesting countries like Saudi Arabia like my good friend Lee. He says you can make a lot of money and pay off debts or save easily with what I would make there in KSA. I don’t know how my mom would take the news that I was taking a job in wahhabist Saudi Arabia.. she might faint or kill me before I board the plane.

I think both Ireland and I are getting itchy feet and wanting to meet already so we can know if this is going to work or not in real life – not just through email and Skype.

But back to the CELTA thing – so that way I could afford a trip to Ireland as its closer than the US from Riyadh or Jeddah – also a cheaper flight – inshaAllah. If I go that route I still would have to save up $3k to pay for the certification – so in the mean time I keep mulling strategies about how to get to Ireland and hacking away at polishing my resume so I can get a job after Ameri Corps but before the Peace Corps – InshaAllah.

Alhumdualillah – Allah knows best.


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