When Bling Goes Wrong

While every woman is excitedly waiting her Mahr– I must sadly say there is a dark side to the outrageous Mahrs.

Women can end up trapped into a marriage because they are unable to return the dowry to the husband due to multiple reasons but mainly – the amount of the dowry is to big to replace. Many women invest their dowry towards such things as real estate or a business of some kind.

Others may put the Mahr away for a rainy day – or worst case scenario – the death of the spouse.

So I suggest follow in the foot steps of the sahaba. In the case of Fatima (pbuh) she had many suitors seek her hand. Some very wealthy, well connected etc. She turned them all down. On brother came to Nabi (pbuh) who was not wealthy nor well connected but he was so well off in the Deen and asked him to consider him for his daughter. Nabi (pubh) went and asked Fatima what she thought and she said she liked the brother and would marry him. So the brother went to Nabi (pbuh) and said I don’t have much money for a Mahr. What can I offer? Nabi(pbuh) said even just a ring of copper or steel will do.

So the brother brought Fatima (pbuh) the ring of copper. Nabi(pbuh) saw her later polishing the ring. He asked her why she was polishing the ring. She replied because I am giving it as sadaqa (charity) to the community.

MashaAllah is what I think upon hearing such a story of such generosity.

Just some food for thought and a reminder for myself of what I should be seeking in the Dunya and Akhira.


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