Relationship Slump or is it?

Salaam alaikum wr wb!!
So once again back on the horse so to speak of writing on my blog. After a long dry spell of writing I was like.. I need to update myself.. since no one actually follows my blog.

So after January.. and Ireland and I deciding.. yes we are “serious.” It was off to MCA’s single event – as a wing gal for my other friend.. and that was fun but no luck for anyone..that I know of.

However the attendence of the Single’s Event inspired one brother to proclaim his suit for my friend I was attending as wing gal for.. and they seem to be getting on like a house on fire.. Do I hear the sound of Al Kitab being signed?? Maybe. We shall see.

My other friend who attended the Singles Event.. then went on to take an improv class taught by a joint friend in San Fran. Low and behold.. she met a guy too.. and in typical her fashion kept in on the DL (down low) till this past weekend.. unveiling Mr. Right???? Allah Alim..

So I was like.. Whoa.. seriously something is in the water in the Bay Area!!! Maybe its just because its Spring now.. and La Amore is in the air?

Then out of left field… came the announcement of marriage of, “The Beard” on Facebook.. with a simple status change. I was shocked.. but so pleased for him and his new zawajti. The brother is so sweet and well meaning.. so much taqwa.. MashaAllah.

Then out of right field came the announcement of the engagement of my good friend from SD. May Allah make her intended the person who grants her Jannah al Firdoos and let it be something they do together. Ameen.

Tis also the season for Pregnancy.. I mean it IS spring right? Married people had to have some other *ahem* activities to do over the cold, dark and rainy nights besides Witr Salat.

So my good married sisters are busy incubating the next generations of – InshaAllah – rightous Muslims or Muslimahs as the case maybe. Although for some.. its a nausea ridden process at this point. Just a reminder.. there is a beautiful present at the end 🙂

So I guess.. All that Dua I am making for others is working.. and I am so happy to see other people happy and filled with hope and joy at Allah’s creation and their beautiful unions- InshaAllah- they themselves are embarking on.. a beautiful journey together with Allah (swt)- in its many forms.. from Engagement, Marriage and New Life. Alhumdualillah. Ya Rab.


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