Is this real?

Sometimes just some times on rare occasions there is a reason I pinch myself. Like for the last week.
I have to keep doing it just to make sure.. yes I am A: Alive and B: This is real and has happened to me. Wow.

So Ireland and I have officially decided we are ” serious.”
OMG.. OMG! Right?! Happy dance. Happy dance.

This is after a few months of talking, emailing around 190+ questions and Skyping when we could both fit it in.

In all honesty- I can be super dense and just not notice things. So around the end of December.. I was feeling insecure about myself and Ireland. So I did what any self respecting girl would do.. I worried about it first.. asked my friends for advice second and then finally got the gumption up to ask Ireland- straight out.. Am I wasting your time? Or are you wasting mine? Is this going anywhere?

My intent behind asking these questions wasn’t put pressure on Ireland. It was more about me needed to know… Do I need to keep looking? or can I say finally- I am taken? And give myself the right to feel I can think about a future with this person? And dream and think about planning a wedding and/ or just being married? Having someone to share everything with?

A lot of questions.. I know.. but seriously.. this was my train of thought. Alhumdualillah- it didn’t derail.

When Ireland said and I qoute, ” I am serious.” I was like- YES! for a good week.. on cloud nine.

Then I was like.. what if his idea of serious isn’t MY idea of serious? and promptly had a total mental freak out.

Thank goodness for my girl friends and Skype. I wondered.. should I ask for clarification or not?
I mean.. it could be an international booty call right? Couldn’t it? Or could I be his secret love companion in the United States? Then I was thinking.. not Ireland.. he prides himself on being such a gentleman. And yet.. he is a man.

So next time we Skyped.. I had to ask.. so of course he got all serious when I said the infamous words, ” We need to talk.” So then I asked.. “Can you define what you meant when you said that you were serious about our relationship?”

Ireland got quiet for a minute or two.. but that was because he was searching his many different reference books for the term, “booty call.” 🙂 Then he said.. “no I meant serious- as in getting married serious.”

I looked at him and said.. can you repeat that?… I want to make sure I can record this moment. I was half serious- half joking. Ireland just laughed and blushed a bit.. before saying.. “No.”

I then asked if he would mind if I was my friend’s wing girl at a Muslim Singles Event in January.. and he was so just laid back.. saying..” why would I mind?” Hello Ireland?! I am going to a singles event with my girl friend.. do you think I MIGHT be looking for greener pastures?! Sometimes.. just sometimes I wish he would get a bit jealous.. but not a lick of it ever seems to occur to him nor does the idea of me potentially continuing to look for another guy.

Which I am not- let me just state that for the record – but still a tiny amount of possessiveness wouldn’t be frowned on from my direction.

So.. we are “serious.”


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